About Us



Welcome to Brainy Radio, based in East Manchester.

Brainy Radio is a community radio station, a not-for profit broadcaster owned and run by local people, mostly volunteers. This radio station is here for many communities in Manchester, the North West and around the globe.

Brainy Radio was first set up to serve the Ghanaian and West African diaspora. More recently Brainy Radio is expanding and including more African communities as well as the multi-cultural and diverse faith communities living in Manchester. Including peoples and groups from Europe, Asia and the rest of the world.

This enables all the local communities to use their local radio as a peaceful media outlet; diversity and cultural awareness .

Giving voices to those that may not have a voice or outlet. We are determined to help create new opportunities for employment, learning and education, social cohesion, as well as celebrating our cultural differences.

As well as all the above, we aim to entertain you with great music, warm and friendly presenters and DJ’s, news and chat.


B – Bringing all communities together through radio broadcast, by breaking barriers and raise awareness in order to broaden their horizon. This would be achieved through community engagement and radio programmes that reflect and Impact on the needs of Africans and the communities in which they live. There by using our radio station to promote integration and a multicultural United Kingdom.

R – Rebuilding Confidence: To Rebuild the confidence of our communities through our ‘ Have a go ‘ programme. This is radio training programme that gives individuals and groups the opportunity to have taster session at our studio. The aim is to support individuals to develop communication, and interpersonal skills and also raise their self -esteem. The individual can also use this opportunity to enhance their chances of employment.

A – Achievements -: Acknowledge the achievement of individuals and groups that have worked so hard to bring about change, development and productivity. This will be done thorough our yearly community awards. The award will be based on nomination from listeners and the community as a whole this platform will be used as catalyst to encourage ethnic minorities groups to be creative and innovative and participate in community development

I – Intellectual research: – we will contribute to intellectual researches and get involved in surveys that will produce results that meet the needs of the nation and individuals. This will be done by organising conferences and seminars on various social themes and issues that affect the society as a whole locally, nationally and globally.

N – Networking for Development -: We will develop positive networks with other media houses, community stakeholders in order to strengthen the existence local and new partnerships. This will give us the opportunity to join other stake holders to act as a voice for the disadvantaged people in the community.

Y – Youth Participation -: Young people are gifted with the energy and drive, and as a radio station we will tap into these positive energies and knowledge of young people by supporting them to achieve their desired and identified goals in life. Young people opinions will be valued and they will be consulted on issues affecting them in the society. We will also involve them in our studio programme planning and development so that they can share their thoughts and expertise for balanced programme outline.