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The MHF organization is a provision assemblage which will accord checks and balances in assessing all of the State of Affairs of the people of Malawi to ensure successful developmental agendas of all Malawians are implemented with fruition while warranting Accountability of all individuals in all matters of influence; Integrity in dealings of all affairs of the people and the nation of Malawi at all times; Unity among peers regardless of religious beliefs, cultural values, educational or social background and status and affiliations in society; and Freedom of speech, expression and assembly for all its members, colleagues and affiliates working with and within the MHF network whereas promoting international human rights and dignity for all The Maravi Heritage Foundation shall focus at rebuilding hope whether it has been damaged or where it has been lost, all together. We work with those in need, those who are underprivileged and those who are under served to rebuild and restructure. We have strong determination on improving community efforts to self reliance which shall include small-scale construction projects, shelters, food and essential resource aid, community awareness and educational opportunities for all, among other endeavors. We firmly believe that it does take a village to raise a child and we stand by the Malawian proverbs “a friend’s child is your own” (mwana wa nzako ndi wako yemwe’ – in local dialect – Chichewa vesion) and “one pillar can not support a strong structure” (‘Mutu umodzi susenza denga’ – in local dialect – Chichewa version). The most challenging encounters in life will simply work themselves out through hard work and determination to succeed. If one works on creating the most well equipped society, one can solve so many problems affecting that particular social setting. We promote good environmental planning among other progressive agendas that will uplift local communities and the nation, as a whole. Together, we can achieve more through your various support and charitable donations

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